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      After 10 years of wedding and editorial photography I would say Greece is the perfect place for the your special day! Check this post and see how beautiful these places are!

      Miltos Karaiskakis

      The Photographer

      Thank you for contacting me and for your willingness to get to know my work better!

      From an early age, creating mental images to be summoned in my mind’s eye would always fascinate me. I soon discovered a special inclination of mine towards capturing beauty through my eyes.

      A natural born artist, it was not long before my talent in painting sprang forth. Getting my BA in the Faculty of Fine Arts was the route I was destined to take, but I would always engage in activities deemed to be art. So, later on, I followed the creative paths of photography and videography, which proved to be the most self-rewarding journey of my life!

      Having become a professional photographer and videographer, wedding photography and videography proved to be my passion to which I have been channeling my artistic energy for more than fifteen years. Always chasing the ideal light, I luckily found myself in Santorini, the island that cast its spell on me from the very first moment and where I have been living and working for the past 8 years. To photograph is to “draw” images using light and Santorini is the land that offers it in its perfection: unique, divine, wonderful.

      Intensely emotional as I am by nature, what has always nurtured my soul is to uniquely capture moments full of the deepest sentiment through my lens in such a creative way that they will miraculously take shape, become tangible and last for years to come. My goal is to artistically depict the emotion of the moment and to externalize all those precious instants from the very beginning to the end of the wedding day, creating images that will forever evoke its naturalness, particularity and uniqueness.

      For me, the greatest award is the overwhelming feeling of pure joy, profound satisfaction and sincere gratitude that I receive when couples finally see their very special moments “imprinted” in pictures and videos. This exact dynamic exchange of giving and receiving is the ultimate joy I treasure the most as an artist and what gives me motivation to push out my artistic boundaries.

      Kindly share your vision with me and let’s create lasting, glorious memories together!

      Wishing you all the very best for your big day.